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Carole’s Music Alphabet ~ J is for…

Just The Way I’m Feeling by Feeder Here we return to my teen years – these guys were a massive part of my college soundtrack thanks to the obsession of several members of my main friendship group. I am still bitter that I didn’t get to go see them live with everyone – the gig…… Continue reading Carole’s Music Alphabet ~ J is for…

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The Monday Shuffle

Following Him Up North’s lead (who was following a myriad of other people’s) and giving you a 5 track snippet of my MP3 player on shuffle. Coz it’ll tell you something meaningful about me…or summat like that…. *hits shuffle* 1. Wasted Years by Cold 2. Feeling The Moment by Feeder 3. Bad Blood by Neil…… Continue reading The Monday Shuffle

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Soundtrack Of My Life

Hannah over at Metal Mummy has tagged me in this musical meme. The challenge is to come up with a ‘soundtrack’ for your life – songs that define you or mark moments in your life…or alternatively the first 5 songs that come up on ‘shuffle’ on your iPod/mp3 player. (Which I don’t have. Or at…… Continue reading Soundtrack Of My Life

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Music I Want My Children To Listen To

I’ve been meaning to join in with this meme over at ghostwritermummy’s blog for weeks. I keep forgetting. I am useless. But here we go with my first post now I *have* remembered at a time I can sit down and write one! Feeder This band was one I discovered at a time in my…… Continue reading Music I Want My Children To Listen To