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Dear So-And-So

Dear Bug,

I *told* you last week to stay away from me and Tori and to leave Sy alone. I am not impressed that you have ignored all of this. REALLY not impressed.


Naffed off, Tired, Ill and Fed Up Girlfriend/Mother/Me



Dear Missing Piece Of Family Treasure Cot,

Where are you? You were there when we collected you from my Grandparent’s house. You were there in my parent’s house. We *think* you were in the car on the way to my house. We even *think* you were in my house at one point. Why are you not where the rest of the pieces were?





Dear BabyBump,

You can come out now. Really, it’s okay. The 27th is just an estimation and there SO much more room out here for stretching and kicking and wriggling and whatever it is that you seem to like doing at silly hours when Mummy wants to be sleeping. You are welcome any time. (Your big sister was arriving round about now, she liked it out here, just so you know. Now isn’t too early. Now is fine…)

All my love,

Impatient Mummy-To-Be



Dear Daddy and Tori,

I have forgiven you both for the banana incidents – they are amusing in hindsight. However, banana in bed is now BANNED. Forever. And ever. And then some.

All my love,

Mummy (who really really means ‘forever’ this time…)



Dear Creedence Clearwater Revival,

Thank you for cheering me up a little bit with your fabulous music. Sorry I am playing you through such rubbish laptop speakers. They don’t do you any justice at all…

Rocking out (gingerly),




Now click on the button and have a peek at everyone else’s letters – they always make me smile 🙂

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