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Create Your Own Album

Spotted this fun little post over at Liberty Falls Down and decided to join in and have a go πŸ™‚

Create Your Own Album


1 – Go on Wikipedia and click Random Article. The first one you get is the name of your band.
2 – Go on and hit random. The last few words of the first quote is the name of your album.
3 – Go on and click β€œexplore the last seven days.” The third picture is your album cover. (You can only ‘right-click’ save the Thumbnail image, not the full size one on flickr)
4 – Edit them all together to make your own album cover! (I used Photoshop but you could use PhotoBucket or any image editing programme you like).
5 – Tag everyone you want to do the same.

NO CHEATING – don’t go refreshing lots of times to get cool stuff!!

Here’s mine:

I’m just going to tag a couple of peoples but if you want to join in anyway then go ahead and leave a link in the comments box and I’ll hop over and have a peek πŸ™‚

Hannah @ Metal Mummy

Ivy @ Ivy In The Corner

Paula @ QWERTY Mum

Jon @ specs, rugs and sausage rolls


Liberty’s Album (which is much cooler than mine) can be seen here < she has way more photoshop skill than me. And she got a cool picture.

5 thoughts on “Create Your Own Album

  1. I’ve done it but don’t understand what to do with it.
    I now have a band name, an album name and a photo….
    What do I do with that????

    1. Now you’re meant to combine them to make an ‘Album cover’ – I put the picture into Photoshop and played around putting the title and band name on it to make the end picture x

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