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Personal Challenge: Welcome To March

It’s another month and therefore time to set another challenge. Or two.

My first challenge is this: HAVE A BABY

This was actually last month’s challenge but due to my family’s apparent general rejection for the month of February, it didn’t happen. (Seriously, my Mum was given the due date of 17th February for my sister…and she didn’t arrive til 10th March. We just don’t seem to ‘do’ February.) I am fairly certain I will manage it this month.

I am fairly certain, mostly because BabyBump appears to have decided that I’m not sleeping tonight because it wants to arrive….is now too late to change my mind?


My other challenge, as I feel challenge number one is sort of cheating, is to complete at least one of my Pay It Forward 2011 hand-made items. I managed one last month and I have planned what I want to do for my next one so fingers crossed I will be able to get it done. It’s only a little something and I’m hoping it will help me have ‘me’ time when Tori & Bump let me have five minutes to myself every now and then!!

Do you have something you want to achieve this month? Why not blog about it and then link up over at TiddlyOmPomPom’s post, then we can help each other along through the month a bit!

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