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30 Day Music Challenge: Day Two

Your Least Favourite Song

I dislike lots of songs but there are two that instantly sprang to mind for this. One is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley – his voice irritates me and the song is annoying.

However, my least favourite song? This one:

Ruff In The Jungle – The Prodigy

Gah. Even finding a decent video upset me and I only listened to about 6 seconds of it!

Now you see, I quite like Prodigy generally (in moderation – I find they sort of blend together after a while if I listen to too many tracks at once), but this one track does my nut in. Why does it exist? What is its purpose? Who thought it was a good idea?


I feel bad about putting it on my lovely little blog. It makes it all dirty and nasty…


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