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Listography: Top 5 Children’s Books

Children’s books are pretty much my favourite books. Picking just five for this week’s Listography is going to be tough. Very tough…


Hairy Maclary

I think my entire family can recite this book we have all read it so often and loved it to death. Sing-song words, gorgeous illustrations and lots of woofwoofs. Awesomeness.

The entire series is brilliant. And the Slinky Malinky books too (the cat equivalent).

No bookshelf is complete without at least one of these books.



Dear Zoo

Best lift-the-flap book ever written? Quite possibly.



Huff The Hedgehog

I couldn’t find a picture of this one and that makes me sad because I have a horrible feeling you can’t get it any more.

Huff The Hedgehog is, I think, a school reading book. A very old one. Our copy has a green front cover and is stuck together with about 3 rolls of ancient sellotape. It is practically disintegrating from too much love.

Huff is a hedgehog. Huff is hungry. Huff wants his dinner.

I love Huff.

I wish he was still in print.



Where’s My Teddy?

Eddie’s lost his teddy. Eddie’s teddy’s name is Freddy.

Another book I love to death. I can actually remember reading this with my Mum, over and over. It’s cute, it’s funny, its words are catchy and playful. And it’s about teddies and big bears. My Mum *loves* teddy bears so I suspect this book was possibly bought as much for her as it was for me but it is brilliant.



Peter Rabbit

I had this book in many forms as a child and I loved them all. From the classic little hardback to the pop-up book to the sticker book, the colouring book – all of them. It’s exciting following Peter as he dices with the threat of rabbit pie on his mission for radishes.


What are your Top 5 kid’s books? Link up over at KateTakes5 and then check out all the other entries…and then maybe hit the library afterwards 😉

7 thoughts on “Listography: Top 5 Children’s Books

  1. Another fab list 😀 Hairy MacClary is wonderful, heard it read on the Australian version of Play School (sadly the only one still going). Dear Zoo and Peter Rabbit are lovely too. DD doesn’t have any of these yet. I have a feeling Amazon is going to do well from this Listography! x


  2. Trying to convince my kids of hairy mclary but sadly, for me, no. They do love where’s my teddy, we don’t own it but have it on long term loan from the library, prob should invest…


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