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Mumra Playlists: Guilty Pleasures

Blimey, my blog has gone all music music music recently! Ah well, it’s all good 🙂

I’m joining in with Mumra‘s Playlist this week where the theme is Guilty Pleasures.

So, here’s me, going along pretending like I’m a grown up – Mum of two, does washing up, cooks own dinner etc. etc., and I do a reasonably good job at it until someone walks in on me when I’m hoovering and dancing round the front room to these guys. They are not cool. They were not cool back when they were making music. But you know what? I don’t care. They make me smile, I can sing along without feeling like I’m making too bad a job of it (because they’re pretty rubbish too), they’re upbeat and they make housework feel like less of a chore.

So yes, one of my guilty pleasures? S Club Juniors/S Club 8

*hangs head in shame*

This is what happens when you are a kid discovering music in the 90s….I blame my parents 😉

You may now stop laughing at me.

*looks pointedly at Liberty*

5 thoughts on “Mumra Playlists: Guilty Pleasures

  1. Oh i think we all have the odd bop to a bit of S Club!

    Don’t be hard on yourself.

    There ain’t no party like an S Club party! 😉

  2. Hi! Just found you via Mumra’s playlist! I’ll always do a boogie to SClub 7 “reach” so it’s not THAT bad…..!

    Nice to meet you! x

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