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30 Day Music Challenge: Day Six

A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

When I was at college one of the things we had to do for our Drama & Theatre Studies A-Level was write our own play. What theme does a group of five seventeen-year-olds come up with to write a play on? Online suicide pacts. Of course. Cheerful stuff!

But more than that, what music to we pick to play at the dramatic climax of the play where the five characters are sat in their own single spotlights on a blacked out stage, each technically alone but united in their actions, each clutching a knife and contemplating their wrists? Something dark and mysterious? Something angry and bitter? Sad and wistful? No. We pick Disney.

A Whole New World – Disney’s Aladdin

Listen to the words. Think of it from a different angle. Not romance but lonely people who believe they have nothing to live for finding reassurance in each other as they take the very final step in escaping their miserable world and, in their minds, finding a better place.

Listening to this song now, even when I’m watching the film, makes me think of the Drama Studio in darkness. 5 spotlights. 5 red and black stools. 5 kitchen knives. And a small sense of pride because it was something we’d done ourselves and, I like to think, it was a reasonably effective piece of theatre.



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