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Please May I Have A Shower?

I’d forgotten about the madness of the first couple of weeks of ‘New Baby’.

The time when Baby basically wants to feed. Then feed some more. Then their two hour nap vanishes instantly as you shuffle around making…lunch? breakfast?…food.

The time where you think ‘I’ll just have a quick shower’ and Baby says ‘I don’t think so’ and cries at you. So you feed, feed more, wind, nappy change, feed, get vomited on, change clothes (yours and theirs), feed again until, finally, Baby sleeps. And then you have forgotten you wanted a shower and doze on the sofa instead. Wake up, think ‘I’ll have that shower now’ and guess what…?

Add to all that a hyperactive, teething toddler to contend with and you start to forget what life used to be like and actually find yourself craving the chance to do some washing up or fold some clothes. Anything to stop feeling like a milk-vending-machine wedged on the sofa and start feeling like yourself again.

Then, at some odd time like three in the afternoon or half eleven at night, you finally make it to the shower and just stand there like a lemon for five minutes not doing anything at all before putting shampoo in your hair and getting out.

Without rinsing off the bubbles.

Then you get back in, rinse out the shampoo, get back out feeling like a twerp and dry yourself off. Then return to the endlessly hungry bundle of joy and start all over again.

And as for eating your dinner whilst it’s still hot. Ha. Yeah, forget that too.

But you know what? Despite  it all, everything’s great. Because you have your baby and they’re beautiful. Even if all they do is fill nappies, endlessly want feeding and/or cuddling and don’t sleep enough. They’re still perfect.

5 thoughts on “Please May I Have A Shower?

  1. Gulp! I remember those days. And here I am desperately trying for number two! I’m convinced my biological clock is linked to my memory and clicked the ‘selective memory’ button when I started getting broody!


  2. God, showers are completely over-rated. With two teens, a 7 year old and a dog, I leave the house in the morning knackered, and it’s not even 8 o’clock. I walk the dog after dropping the Little Guy off, come back sweating and then I shower.
    When all else fails, baby wipes are a must.


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