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The Gallery: Education

This week’s Gallery theme is Education. Much as I’d have loved to post some of my sickeningly adorable school photos, they are all at my Mum’s house (up on the wall you will be pleased to hear, just for optimum embarrassment), so I couldn’t. Instead I have dug out the following:


This was me about to walk to college for the very last time, proudly sporting my new leaver’s hoody despite it being a roasting hot Summer’s day… Nothing like having a hoody with ‘CHUBBS’ plastered across the back of it – we gave each other such complimentary nicknames…


The next two photos are from my graduation from Uni. I look distinctly fat in the full shot because I was imminently expecting Tori (a whole new education in itself) nd spent the whole day repeating in my head ‘Don’t come yet, Baby. Don’t come yet.’ I would have been in serious trouble if I’d gone into labour down in Bath whilst Daddy was at home in Shropshire. Luckily Tori waited…just about. I graduated on the 17th, came home from Bath on the 19th and Tori arrived on the 21st!!

Now hop on over to Sticky Fingers and check out the other entries – lots of cute school pics to giggle at!

7 thoughts on “The Gallery: Education

  1. Graduation Day is always something fabulous to look back on. A real achievement and celebration of an era about to end and new opportunities on the horizon. Thank you for sharing x

    1. I went to quite a small uni & I simply loved the place. Was such a proud day I couldn’t help smiling – even when there was a thunderstorm during the ceremony…which was in a marquee!!!

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