The Gallery

The Gallery: Hair

I saw Tara’s theme for this week’s gallery and knew exactly what I was going to post.

A mystery. A query. A bemused observation.

If my hair is naturally like this:

1st year at uni - pre-hair dye!


And Daddy’s is naturally like this (minus the gel…):

Deciding he's not a fan of Snowballs...


Why on earth is our daughter’s hair like this???!

5 thoughts on “The Gallery: Hair

  1. Similar issue with us. Me dark as you like, OH blonder than blonde. First born – ginger. Been thru the old milkman/window cleaner gags more times than I can remember. Tsk.

  2. Oh what a puzzle! Do you want my science teacher answer?


    Both you and your husband are carriers of the blonde gene which is recessive, which meant there was only a 25% chance that you had a blonde baby but you did because each of you hands over one gene and that codes for the colour, so if you both gave you blonde gene you would have a blonde baby, however because brown is dominant, it would over rule any blonde gene had you or you husband given it! Does that make sense?

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