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30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twelve

The Book That Is Most Like Your Life

Er. No book is dull enough to be like my life. *thinks really hard*


Rewind a few years to the end of my second year of uni when my long-term relationship came to a (slow and muddly) end and I met somebody new and fell completely in love. We were happy and very soon baby was on the way. One minor issue – I still lived with my ex. (Term-time uni accommodation. Awkward. It did get better, we’re still friends now.)

What is this reading like? Yes, a Mills & Boon novel. Just with less ridiculously perfect orgasmic sex (there’s no ‘sorry, Love, I got carried away’ in M&B) and no eloping to a villa in Hawaii involved…

Honeymoon For Three – Sandra Field

Summary (From FictionDB)

Nine months…

Cory Haines wanted a baby–no strings attached! Her ex-husband had done more than enough to convince her that men were surplus to requirements. Apart from one basic detail…

She needed a lover. Someone who would make a baby… then a convenient exit. Slade Redden fulfilled all her criteria. But their lovemaking had left him wanting… more! He didn’t want a one-off deal–he wanted Cory for always. It took only one night to make a baby. Slade had nine months to make a wife!

(And yes, I *have* read this exact Mills & Boon. A very very long time ago…)

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