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30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty

Book you’ve read the most number of times

Er. I’ve read lits of books lots of times, namely all the Harry Potters (apart from the 7th one) and any other book I may have considered a favourite at any time.

For the sake of variety I will choose Prowlers (The Omnibus) by Christopher Golden which was pretty much my first ‘proper’ werewolf book and one of my earlier introductions to the Urban Fantasy genre which quickly became a favourite in both my reading and writing habits. (And my favourite character in them is called Artie, which I now very fondly call my son. Influence? Maybe…)

Summary (of the first book) (from GoodReads)


When nineteen-year-old Jack Dwyer’s best friend Artie is murdered, he is devastated. But his world is truly turned upside down when Artie emerges from the Ghostlands to bring him a warning.

With his dead friend’s guidance and the help of the one person who doesn’t think he’s insane, Jack learns of the existence of the Prowlers. Under bold new leader Owen Tanzer, the Prowlers, already eight packs strong, have united. They move from city to city, preying on humans until they are close to being exposed, then they move on. And unlike werewolves of legend, they aren’t human beings whom the moon transforms into wolves…they are savage beasts masquerading as humans.

Jack wants revenge. But even as he hunts the Prowlers, he marks himself — and all of his loved ones — as prey.

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