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Review: Bella Mama Maia Black Breastfeeding Top

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a fabulous Bella Mama breastfeeding top in a giveaway on MummyLoves‘ blog. I love it so much I have decided to review it for everyone else.

Most tops I have that I feel comfortable feeding Arthur in are…baggy. I figure if they’re loose enough they won’t flash too much of my post-pregnancy ‘tiger-striped’ midriff at unsuspecting randoms who happen to look my way.

The Maia breastfeeding top solves the whole flashing issue AND isn’t a tent in any way, shape or form. It’s flattering to my not-so-smooth post-baby outline and actually makes me feel good about my body-shape for a change. I’m not hiding behind my top when I’m wearing it, I’m showing myself off and loving it.

It doesn’t look like a nursing top at all either which means that, even when I stop feeding Arthur, I will still be quite happy to wear it – even better value for money than it already is.

The simple nursing system involves lifting the top layer of the top to reveal an under-layer with cut outs at the top providing easy access for feeding with minimal flesh on show. Once I’d got the hang of it I couldn’t believe how easy it was and suddenly I felt like there wasn’t a single place in the world I couldn’t feel comfy feeding in because it was so discreet – impressive as I’m often a bit nervy about feeding in public.

The material is lovely and soft at the same time as feeling strong and durable. Despite it being a double-layered top I wasn’t too hot wearing it on a hot sunny day – something I had been a little concerned about when I first saw it.

It even withstands being thrown up on very well and some quick action with a baby-wipe leaves it as good as new!! (Thanks Arthur for that extra bit of market research…)

The Maia Breastfeeding Top markets at £29.99 which, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t have paid if I hadn’t actually seen the product first hand. As it is I think it brilliant value for money – good quality, beautiful, practical and perfectly suitable to wear even after you finish breastfeeding.

I am so pleased with this top I have also purchased a beautiful Breastfeeding Dress to wear at my cousin’s forthcoming wedding from Bella Mama – I love the fact that these clothes make me feel good about myself and confident about going out and about with my baby.

Thank you Kirsten @ Bella Mama & thank you Sonia @ MummyLoves.

*I received my Bella Mama Maia Black Breastfeeding Top as a prize in a giveaway & chose to write this review myself – I have received no other form of payment or incentive.

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