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30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Favourite picture book from childhood

I’ve already mentioned a few picture books during this challenge but I have to say one of my all time favourites has to be Good-Night, Owl by Pat Hutchins.

I love the beautiful style of the pictures and I love the simple story. I can clearly remember reading along with my Mum and the fact that my tired, well-loved, dog-eared copy is sat on the bottom bookshelf in my front room within easy reach of Tori and Arthur makes me a little fluffy inside – I hope that one day it will be a favourite of theirs too.

Summary (From GoodReads)

Owl couldn’t sleep — not while the bees were buzzing, the crows croaking, the starlings chittering, and the jays creaming. Every time there seemed to be some peace and quite, someone else landed in the hollow tree and woke Owl up again. Would Owl ever get any rest?

Pat Hutchins’s simple, cumulative story ends with a surprising twist that will send children off to sleep laughing.

One thought on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-One

  1. Wow that’s a blast from the past – I didn’t think I remember this one at first but that picture of the squirrel at the top is sooo familiar I think I must have done!

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