Dear So-and-So

Dear So-And-So

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Dear Prince William & Kate,

Only an hour and a half to go – good luck!!

Lots of Love,

Carole, Tori & Arthur (glued-to-the-tv)


Dear Tori,

You are very snotty today – please accept this and let me wipe your nose without throwing a tantrum. Snot down to your chin is so not a good look….

All My Love,




Dear Arthur,

Your smiles this morning when you were playing with Hoo Pig were even more beautiful than all the dresses on the TV put together.

All My Love,




Dear Victoria Beckham,

1) You are at the event of the year – SMILE for Heaven’s sake.

2) As pointed out on Twitter, your hat looks like a pork pie with a double helix stuck to it – was that the best one you had in your extensive wardrobe?

3) All black? It’s a wedding, not a funeral.




Dear Sy,

I will do the housework after the Wedding – Royal Weddings happen once in a blue moon, housework is always there.


All My Love




Dear Most-Women-At-The-Wedding,

You all look like your hats are falling off the way you are wearing them halfway down your faces like that. Is it not horribly irritating??




2 thoughts on “Dear So-And-So

  1. NOT loving the forehead hats either, and in PJs with housework neglected.
    Yes Victoria…… black…… no smiles……. even though David was making an effort. Does she realise what she looked like? xx


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