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May Challenge: The Alphabet Edition

In April I challenged myself to focus on me – something I regularly forgot to do anyway, even more so now I’m a Mum-of-Two. Having succeeded in that I am now setting a similar, but less ‘selfish’ challenge for May.

Obviously it’s not just me that is having to adapt to this new bigger family and since the arrival of Arthur there has been distinctly less Sy-and-Carole time. This was inevitable but I think we’ve fallen a bit into a routine where we don’t spend enough time together at all. My challenge this month is to fix that a little with two things.

1) Make sure we sit down properly together to eat most evenings.

We have a habit of each sitting in front of our respective computers and munching on a rushed dinner. I’m going to try and cook some proper food and get us sitting at a table together more often.

2) Start out on an Alphabet Date journey together.

I read about Alphabet Dates over on Liberty’s blog and thought it was a brilliant idea. As a couple you take it in turns to organise a ‘date’ corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. It can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whatever you want – and doesn’t necessarily have to be wildly extravagant so long as it matches your letter.

Granted there is a high chance several of our dates will involve one or two extra small people but it will still be fun to spend time together and be a little silly. I have formulated a plan for date ‘A’ already so will put that into action sometime soon.

Hopefully doing these things will help us bond more not just as a family but as a couple again – we can stop ‘coping’ as a family of four and start really ‘enjoying’ it – and each other – instead.

As a second challenge I also aim to keep vaguely up to date with my 80k in 80 days challenge, which started yesterday. By the end of May I should hopefully have written 31,000 words. I should technically have already got 1,000 under my belt yesterday but I forgot. Not a great start…

Do you have a personal aim or challenge for this month – Something you want to get done or a target to reach? Why not blog about it and then link up over on TiddlyOmPomPom’s blog by clicking the button at the top – moral support is always good!

3 thoughts on “May Challenge: The Alphabet Edition

  1. loving your challenges; number 2 is brilliant and sounds so much fun! I already do number 1 I’m proud to say. I’ll have a think about something, it will probably revolve around exercise – groan!


  2. Loving the idea of alphabet dating (and just popped over to let Liberty know too)! Best of luck with your writing challenge too – get to the page Mrs! 😀


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