Listography: Simple Pleasures

This week Kate has challenged us to list our top 5 Simple Pleasures that get us through the grotty days in life and make us smile whatever the weather.


Cheeky grins from my babies.

Every Mother’s sunshine – one big beam from either of them makes me smile back, even when I’m at my most miserable.


Ten minutes with a good book.

For all I could happily read all day, just ten minutes to myself with no distractions so I could read a chapter of whatever book I’m reading would be enough to calm me & cheer me up.


My favourite music. Loud.

This makes even hoovering at bit more fun.


A cuddle with something furry.

Animals are used for therapy for a reason. I’m not fussy either – cat, guinea-pig, gerbil, rottweiler, horse, sheep, goat – Animals just cheer me up 🙂

Me with the goats at Hoo Farm.


A walk in the sun.

Anywhere, any time. The fresh air does wonders!!

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