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Some people…

…really really naff me off.

I took Tori to the park this evening to give her a bit of freedom out in the sunshine. We don’t have a garden but as the park backs on to our house it’s not too far to go to let her run around and we try to take her every day.

As we approached the enclosed children’s play area my heart sank a little as I saw 3 familiar figures slouched on the baby slide. They are all mothers themselves and all fall into a category I would usually term as ‘chavs’, though they are of an older generation rather than the stereotypical teenagers.

Unsurprisingly there was a cloud of smoke floating round them as they chatted loudly using the sort of English that makes you think that they might just have failed one or two of their GCSEs/O-levels…should they have actually bothered to turn up at school.

I did my best to entertain Tori on the other apparatus in the play area – we went on the swings and the roundabout and I made a valiant attempt to work the see-saw one-handed but it wasn’t enough. Tori loves the slide more than anything else – especially now she has got big enough to mountaineer up the steps to the baby slide all by herself.

She stomped purposefully across the play park and clambered up the steps. It was only when she was sat at the top of the slide shouting ‘Bye’ and waving (her subtle way of telling them to get lost) that two of the mothers decided to move. The third didn’t shift until I asked her if Tori could please use the slide.

They seemed most put out that I had dared let Tori use the slide – clearly they think it is there for them to sit on and smoke. I thought it was for children to play on.

So, finally, they moved. But before Tori could actually slide down the slide I had to move an empty fag box and put it in the bin. Then, once Tori slid down she saw all these interesting brown things that those ladies had thrown on the floor after seemingly ‘eating’ them. So she picked one up and tried to eat it. After a loud comment along the lines of: ‘No, Tori, they aren’t to eat. They shouldn’t be on the floor in here, they should be in the bin.’ I proceeded to pick up all of their fag ends and put them in the bin.

They all stood and watched me do it.

As if that wasn’t enough, when they wanted their children to come back to them (they weren’t even playing in the play area – they were running round on the field outside the fence) they used every swearword under the sun and then some.

I took Tori home then. Much to her disgust – we’d only been there ten minutes.

Is it just me that thinks this whole episode was quite disgraceful? I love where I live but just sometimes other people let the place down. I guess it’s the same everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Some people…

  1. It’s a depressing story, right across Britain. It makes you dread the sun coming out sometimes because you know it will bring all the, er, undesirables out too. The only crumb of comfort to offer is that these people are fortunately in the minority. Most people are decent.


  2. My heart sank when I started reading this. Why do people like this have to ruin other’s enjoyment – and a child’s enjoyment at that? It’s selfish and unnecessary. Makes you wonder how these ladies were raised themselves and reminds me how important our role as parents is to raise the next generation with strength, honour and good values.


    1. I’m baffled as to why they were scrunched on the slide in the first place when there was a bench five foot away that would have been a million times more comfy…


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