When The Lions Roar!

This weekend was our annual Junior Church Camp and we had the theme of Daniel chapters 1-6.

We all get together in a field and spend 3 days doing activities, eating (lots), laughing and enjoying each other’s company. This year we had lots of new people come as we invited families from a few of our neighbour churches so there was even more cake than usual!

The weather wasn’t perfect but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits as much as it dampened everything else – wellies, umberellas and raincoats fended most of it off and we happily  sheltered together in the food marquee during the heaviest showers (usually using it as an excuse for cake).

Sometimes we had fruit instead of cake...

We had treasure hunts that helped us to learn the different attitudes of the people in the Bible stories (greedy kings always choose Wine Gums over boring fruit…) and had a giggle trying to remember and pronounce the names of Daniel’s friends (er, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednigo, I think – though I have probably spelled them wrong). We listened to how God gave the greedy Kings several chances to change their ways and learn from their mistakes and how Daniel’s loyalty helped him get through a miriad of challenge, finishing of course with the story of the Lion’s Den.

Treasure hunting!

We played games and built an obstacle course (I’ve never seen anyone have so much fun with a hay bale, some tyres, planks and a ladder) and Tori had a whale of a time pretending to feed the cows in the next field (over and over again).

We had a campfire (of course) and a sing song, we had a barbecue, we had a mini worship service on Sunday morning, we went out together to collect firewood and we all helped to pack up and enjoyed a bouncy trailer ride back down to the farm.

It was busy and exhausting but great fun enjoying the Great Outdoors and spending time with our church family. It didn’t matter that the weather wasn’t perfect – we all came home with a healthy ‘outside’ glow anyway (Though we only discovered Tori’s once we had washed off the thick layer of grub in the bath!).

We are blessed with quite a lot of children in our church compared to many and it’s great that we can bring them and their families all together like this once a year to share our friendship and fellowship away from the four walls of our church and the confines that can bring.

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