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July Challenge – Growing Up

A friend from Uni came to stay this weekend so I’m a bit late with linking up my challenge. It was whilst I was sorting out the spare room so that he could a) get to the bed and b) actually lie down in it that I decided on what my challenge was going to be.

One of the main items burying the bed was Arthur’s dismantled and as-yet unused cotbed and as I made space on the floor to stand up all the pieces and clear the bed so I could adorn it with my very classy purple sheets and Harry Potter duvet cover I came to the conclusion that it’s time for Arthur to move up in the world. And out of our bedroom.

Partly because he’s a big boy now and doesn’t really need to be taking up a large portion of what little floor space there is in our bedroom with his (beautiful, family heirloom) treasure cot and partly (mostly, actually) because he is rather filling said treasure cot now and would probably appreciate the space in a big cot. You know, so he can stretch out without hitting the ends – that kind of thing.

I will no doubt have to get my Dad involved in the actual construction part of this challenge as I haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin putting it all together and I think he took it apart (or at least helped to) so he may have a bit of a clue. Plus he’s just better at that kind of thing than I am – I barely know one end of a screwdriver from the other.

As for the actual act of moving Arthur in – that’s going to be the biggest challenge of all. I will get the cot all made up and neat and pretty and ready for him, I will get him ready for bed and I will cave and take him back to my bedroom so I can lie and listen to him snoring. At some point I will just have to get brave and put him to bed in his own room. In his new bed. Far away.

I will probably spend the first night leaping out of bed every five minutes to check on him & see if he needs feeding. I will also spend every night afterwards cursing the fact that I have to get right out of my nice warm bed to go and feed him. Oh well, at least it’s Summer and I have the spare bed’s duvet to wrap myself in if it’s chilly.

My little Bean is growing up. Fast.


What do you mean you're kicking me out?


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4 thoughts on “July Challenge – Growing Up

  1. Oh good luck with that! I spent the 1st night with the monitor turned up as far as it would go. Then I got woken by the loudest shouts ever & turned it down every night since šŸ™‚

  2. AAh I see that you’re blessed with the same kind of dad as I have. The fix it, build it, bodge it kind. They are by far they best dads to have, possibly even beating the super rich kind. My other half seems to have picked up the trait as well which is extremely useful. I can wield screwdrivers and drills if I have to, but it turns out much better when dad does it.

    Make sure you get some very furry slippers for when you have to jump out of bed šŸ™‚

  3. Oh good luck the first night Baba went in his own room I slept there as well for about a week actually as he had a sofa bed in his room. Hope it all goes well xx

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