Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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I had a great weekend.

Paul came to visit for the weekend and it was lovely to have a bit of a laugh and a long overdue catch up. It was also amusing to see just how instantly Tori had him wrapped around her little finger – and Arthur wasn’t far behind, he has clearly being taking notes from his big sister!!


I am happy and healthy.

Yes I have my ups and downs but who doesn’t? All the resurgance of the Millie Dowler case has made me even more grateful for the simple fact that I have my life. She would be the same age as me now had she not been in that wrong place at the wrong time. It’s little details like that which bring things closer to home. And make you cuddle your little ones that tiny bit closer.


Some late birthday presents.

Better late than never 🙂 A beautiful personalised picture from Liberty and her boyfriend and some fab new kitchen scales from Sy. Though I am a little sad to retire my Mum’s old ones to the cupboard – it has been a constant in the kitchen for as long as I can remember.

8 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. I love your button. Tori looks so cute (: And Arthur is getting so big too!! I am also, embarassingly, rather jealous of your kitchen scales! Guessing weights is definitely not working to my advantage 😉 xxx


  2. The Millie case is heartbreaking and these types of stories (especially when you relate to the person in some way) are very powerful reminders of how lucky we all are and how easily it can all be taken away. Great reasons! x


  3. Great reasons to be cheerul. Things like the Millie Dowler case make you realise how fragile life is and we really should live life to the full.


  4. Gosh that is a an eye opener to think you are the same age as Millie Dowler would have been. So glad you feel good right now. Looks like Paul had a blast with the kids.

    Enjoy the weekend. Mich x


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