Dear So-and-So

Dear So-And-So

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Dear Moths, Midges and other Summer Evening Insect-Life,

You live outside. I live inside. You are not invited. Go away.





Dear Arthur,

Bed time was ages ago. GOOOOOO TOOOO SLEEEEEEEP!

All my love,




Dear Boyracers,

I’m bored of writing this letter now. Why are you not bored of razzing up and down the same six inches of tarmac in your lawnmowers? You’ll wear the road out soon.





Dear Wednesday,

You scare me. You are quite welcome to not turn up this week.





Dear Tori,

We need to have a talk about your whirlwind skills – I’m only 23 but even I’m too old and slow to keep up with the chaos you create on entering a room…

All my love,




Dear Kat,

I love Dear So-And-So. Thank you 🙂


Carole xx

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