Food · Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

It’s about time I started joining in with this.

I’m only going to plan out our main meals for the week – lunch will generally be sandwiches/wraps of some type or possibly baked potato and beans if I feel the need for something warm. And Sundays is often blank because I go to my parents most weeks and have Sunday dinner there so the evening meal is usually more like lunch (often it’s toasties and a packet of crisps). This does mean that some weeks we will have a mid-week roast but it’s just so Sy doesn’t miss out coz of having to work on Sundays.

Here we go, on the menu this week is:

Monday: Spanish Rice

Tuesday: OUT < Sy and I are off on Alphabet Date ‘C’ so dinner will be cooked by someone else. And possibly will begin with ‘C’!

Wednesday: Beef Goulash, rice & crusty bread (Or at least it will be if I get organised and get it in the slow cooker for OH before I go out for the day!)

Thursday: Pasta Bake

Friday: Chicken & Sweetcorn pie with chips and peas

Saturday: Honey BBQ chicken with salad and chips

So there we go – what are you eating this week? Our plan is a bit patchy because of us being out on random days but still, at least there is a plan!!

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think :)

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