Dear So-and-So

Dear So-And-So

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Dear Weather,

Congratulations on reaching Summer temperatures. Now let’s work on the sunshine bit instead of these rubbish grey skies, eh?

Yours hopefully,




Dear Head,

I know you are officially a Fruit-and-Nut-Case but I’m a bit sick of it now to be honest. I have been to see the doctor today and I am now armed with anti-fruitloop tablets and I am not afraid to use them. Let’s cheer up and get our act together shall we?





Dear Local Pharmacy,

If it is going to take you almost 2 hours to decide you don’t have my daughter’s pescription stuff, don’t tell me to come back in half an hour to collect it. It just makes me irritated. And my miserable, crying, teething baby probably irritated everyone else in the queue too whilst we were waiting for you to tell us you didn’t have it.

You’d better have it tomorrow – my girl needs her skin cream.





Dear Washing Up,

Do yourself? Please?



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