Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

September’s been a bit of a funny month. It started with a chaotic holiday, continued with me changing my happy pills because the ones I were on before weren’t making me vary happy and is finishing with a bout of illness. Sy had it first (so it’s all his fault) and now I have it – fever, swinging from hot to cold, room spinning, generally feeling spaced out and precisely no energy whatsoever. Lovely.

Anyway, all that combined has resulted in me being pretty quiet. Sorry about that.

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I had a brilliant night out last week.

Last Friday night, Liberty and I went on a girly road-trip to Manchester to see Avril Lavigne in concert. It was great fun to have a bit of girly time and do something different. Avril was really good and I even enjoyed our classy dinner at Maccy D’s beforehand.



Arthur is finding his voice.

Over the last few days Artie has started ‘talking’ lots. His favourite ‘word’ by far is ‘gi’ and it is amazing how many different ways he manages to say it – from grumpy to over excited via every emotion inbetween. It’s hilarious and sickeningly adorable.



Today is Veg Box day!

Ever since my big sister started getting a veg box delivered to her door I have wanted one too. Sadly they didn’t deliver in our in-the-sticks area like they did in her more built-up location. Then the other day I had a phone call saying they have started delivering in my area and did I still want one? Yes. Yes yes yes! Box 1 is due to be delivered today and I am randomly over-excited about it.

Seriously, I am excited about vegetables.

Oh dear.



Tori has finally broken her hideous musical snowglobe!

When she was born someone bought Tori a horrible cheap looking, slightly scary pink baby snowglobe that plays a dubious version of Twinkle, Twinkle. And as I was typing the was a loud thud and an ‘Oh No! It’s bwoken, Mummy!’

A glance up to see what was ‘bwoken’ and I silently cheered for joy. The only reason I have let her play with it since she got strong enough to carry it was in the hope that it would be loved to death. And finally it has. I can get rid of it totally guilt free, knowing that it was loved by Tori and I didn’t just instantly hide it away/sell it/bury it as soon as she got it because I didn’t like it.


9 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

  1. Haha! Reading that made me cheerful too!!! I ordered some buttons, BUTTONS(!) off ebay last week (after some button-inspiration on Pinterest) and was probably equally as excited as you are for your veg! Simple things for simple minds eh? – in my case – not yours!!!! 😀


  2. Oh bless you, wishing you well and a greater month in October!
    I have been tempted by the veg box delivery myself, must put it on my list of things to try!
    I so know where you are coming from with the snow globe, sorry to Tori for her loss of a loved toy/trinket/thingymagig, but yay for peace hey!


  3. Veg Box’s are fun aren’t they? We get one too and I’m always excited when it arrives (sad, I know). Congrats on the new words and the broken glob, he he!


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