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Writing Workshop – Escape

This week for Josie’s Writing Workshop I decided to skip forward a bit in my current WIP and write a scene I’ve been planning for a while but just hadn’t reached yet. It’s from about chapter five of the ‘book’ but I don’t think much background is needed as the scene is fairly self-explanatory. The WIP doesn’t have a title yet either so I can’t even tell you that – I hope you enjoy it regardless!


“Eòghan will you please sit down for a minute, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Eòghan tried to rush past his mother but she reached out and steered him onto a chair.

“Eòghan, please! It’s important.”

He slumped in his seat, glaring at his mother. “What, Ma? It’s almost time to go. We can’t miss the start – you only get one Evolution in your life after all. You had your turn, now it’s mine.”

“Hush. Listen to me.”

“Wait, are you even dressed yet? Ma! I’m your only son, are you not even going to make an effort for my Evolution?” Eòghan squirmed in his seat trying to get up but she stood close before him, blocking his escape.

“Eòghan will you sit still and listen to what I have to say. It’s about your Evolution.”

Sensing something in his mother’s voice, Eòghan stilled and looked up into her startling green eyes. “What?”

“You can’t go.” She closed her eyes, unable to look at her son as she spoke. “Baby, you can’t go to Evolution because you aren’t going to Evolve.”

“What? Everyone Evolves.”

“Humans don’t.” Aubrey stepped back, freeing her son. She couldn’t stop the tears burning tracks down her cheeks as she forced out the sentence she had been dreading for years. “You’re a…I swapped you with… Changeling, I…I stole you from your cradle. You aren’t a faerie, Eòghan, you’re a human. I left my own baby in your place then brought you home.”

There was a moment of silence. A stillness. Aubrey gazed hopelessly at the child she had raised as her own for the last 13 years and waited for the world to collapse.

“You’re lying.” Eòghan’s voice was almost as still as the room, his blue eyes were cold. “Tell me you’re lying.”

Aubrey shook her head, unable to speak.

“No-one brings the human baby back to Otherworld. They leave them somewhere where they’ll be found and let nature make its choices, they change them and they leave them. That’s how it works. That’s how it always works.” Anger began to creep into his voice as he spoke, his voice going as hard as his eyes.

“Eòghan. Baby. I had to bring you back, I needed you. I loved you.” Eòghan suddenly found his mother kneeling at his feet and talking desperately to his knees. “You have to understand…”

He jumped up, pushing her aside. “I understand just fine. You had a baby that was chosen to be a Changeling. An honour beyond all others and you…you dirtied it by breaking all manner of rules and bringing me back here. And then you lied to me for my whole entire life and thought that it would all be okay?”

Aubrey didn’t move from the floor, she simply sat staring up at her son. “I love you. Please, Eòghan, I couldn’t just leave you somewhere and not know what happened to you. I needed…”

“You needed me to fulfil your selfish need for a child. Well you know what? I wish you’d left me on a hillside. I’d rather be dead than your son. At least then everything I know wouldn’t be one big fat lie!” Eòghan kicked out and sent his chair skittering across the floor. “I hate you, Aubrey Valeris. You’re no mother of mine.”

With that he stormed out of the kitchen and into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.


For a minute he just stood and stared at the wall breathing heavily and clenching his fists, then, with a burst of energy he flew across the room and slammed open his wardrobe. Hauling out a bag he stuffed in a change of clothes, the pouch of money he had saved up from his birthdays, his secret stash of biscuits from under his bed and the length of rope that he had got when he had wanted to build a tree house the previous Summer.

Hands shaking slightly he buckled on his belt, sheathing his twin daggers at his side. They were his pride and joy, a thirteenth birthday present from his mother, he had spent hours training with them in the woods and he could no longer imagine going outside without them.

With one final glance around the room Eòghan shouldered his bag and flung open his window. With a grace that implied he had done it many times before, he leaped from the sill, swung down the tree beside the house, landed softly on the grass and set off for the forest without looking back. The forest would be his home now, it couldn’t lie to him or deceive him, he didn’t need anyone else and the forest wouldn’t care whether or not he was Fey. He could pretend as much as he liked in the sanctuary of the trees.

4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop – Escape

  1. Evolve??? *intrigued* I think Eoghan sounds a little bit old for a 13 year old in place, but I loooove this line:

    “You’re lying.” Eòghan’s voice was almost as still as the room, his blue eyes were cold. “Tell me you’re lying.”

    I love Aubrey’s character too 🙂 can’t wait to read more x

  2. Looking forward to the rest! You have created a powerful scene with believable characters and dialogue — albeit in a fantasy setting. Nice job 🙂

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