Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…

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It’s been a while since I showed my face on R2BC. It is still my favourite linky but I haven’t joined in because, for a variety of reasons, I didn’t think it was appropriate (some weeks, I’ll confess, I just forgot) – I have written my posts in my head though so I was still getting my Cheerful fix!!

But I am back and raring to go with this week’s dose of cheeriness – it’s been an extra busy one this week and I’m going to sound like a total social butterfly. I’m not normally such a party animal – honest!!


Twice this week the Smalls and I have enjoyed lunch out with some of our favourite people. Lunch out is always nice but it’s even better when you get to share it. I may have had a good giggle at other people being pushed around by Little Miss Bossy for a change: “No Megan, use you fork!” for example. And detailed instructions on how to play with one of those wooden bead roller coaster thingys because, you know, I’m sure Caius was going to do it all wrong…


This weekend was one of family celebration and togetherness. It was Arthur’s birthday on the 1st, my Mum’s on the 6th and my sister’s on the 10th which meant that we needed to get together and have a bit of a party. Everyone came to visit and we had lots of food and lots of laughter – I love the chaos when everyone is here at once, it’s a special kind of madness that you only seem to get at family gatherings.


Last Thursday I got to spend the evening with Caius, Liberty and her boyfriend having dinner and a couple of drinks in the pub. Nothing quite beats a grown-up meal out with your best friends and relaxing together afterwards talking bubbles.


Friday night, Caius and I went to see Fascinating Aida‘s Cheap Flights gig in Telford and laughed ’til it hurt. Seriously, it was hilarious – if you get a chance to go see them GO GO GO!! Well worth it. Unless you are my mother, in which case don’t because you won’t approve. Don’t watch the video below either (if you are my mother, that is) because it is merely an example of why you don’t approve. Everyone else should watch it because it’s funny.

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