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March Challenge – I Almost Managed It

I set myself the challenge to write 3000 words on my WIP during March. I came *very* close – my word count comes in at 2953 so I was only 47 words short, which, to be honest I probably did write and then deleted because that’s how writing so often works. You write 500 words, re-read them and delete a good 100 of them. So I expect I probably managed it really if not in my official count.

To be honest considering how mental March got in the end I’m amazed I even came close to my word count amongst every thing else.

The last week of March in particular was a marathon. I started out ill, then ventured to London for the next lot of my Olympics Games Maker 2012 training (that was a long day trip!), then I was all social and went to see The Hunger Games with Caius (having demolished the book in the space of a day). Then came Friday and a mad panic of a day trying to make sure I had done everything I was supposed to in preparation for my best friend Megan’s wedding the next day (you know, little jobs like make the playlist for the disco and make sure I remembered to take the first dance CD with me…).

And finally Saturday. Megan and Scott’s wedding. What can I say? There are no words that do justice to the beauty and awesomeness of that day. It was so full of love from the moment I arrived at Meg’s house at 9am when she was having her hair done through to the moment Caius and I reluctantly left the hotel under a starlit sky that there were times when I thought I might burst with it. More than one tear was shed out of happiness for the two of them during the course of the day I can assure you.

Being able to share their special day with them was amazing. Caius, Tori, Arthur and I were honoured to be a part of it and the memories will be treasured for a long time I have no doubt. And there were sparklers and…LIGHTSABERS! Yes, the bridal party totally provided the newly wed RAF couple with a Guard of Honour using lightsabers before their first dance, because we are THAT cool. And we provided a lightsaber arch for them to dance under too on impulse. Win.

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