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Lessons In Life #15

Lesson 15

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.

Things change. Sometimes for the worse, sometimes better. Everything works out in the end if you give it time. This is a hard lesson to learn, or at least the ‘Don’t worry’ part is, but I’m getting there because although everything can change, some things stay the same and it’s those things that help you muddle through. Sticky fingers clutching yours, snotty kisses and over-enthusiastic cuddles, a reassuring smile over the top of their heads as they wail for more chocolate they can’t have, a simple stroke of someone’s hand through your hair. They help keep you grounded and remind you that the world isn’t actually falling apart, it’s just changing. And change is good.


What are these Lessons In Life? – See my first post here to find out.

5 thoughts on “Lessons In Life #15

  1. Obviously I’m not ‘your mum’ – didn’t realise I was still logged in from a comment I made on Em’s blog! I will try again


  2. And that is why we should have faith, have a positive attitude, have an open heart and not take life too seriously as one never really knows what is around the corner!


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