365 Project

365 Project Week #13 ~ “Water”

MONDAY:Time to head home after my busy weekend but first I had time to relax in the sunshine by the fountain in Stevenage Town Square before my train left. Then we had a mini birthday celebration for Tori at my parents’ house with cake and a few presents before dropping them off with their Dad. A quiet but enjoyable evening at Monday Night Snooker before falling into bed at home to exhaustedly sleep off last week!


I did very little today until I had to drag myself to Unofficial Writer’s Club where we had dinner, drinks and a good whole-hearted discussion about Ivy’s ‘Beer Board’ story plan  – lots of ideas flew around and it felt like a very productive and creative evening 🙂


We watched the Olympics a fair bit today – lots of action on the water. Exciting stuff 😀  Then after picking up the Smalls it was off to visit baby Riley for a while before home for more Olympics fun.

Today was Tori’s ‘Official’ Birthday (It was her birthday on Saturday 31st but as I was away we decided to postpone our celebrations til today). We started the day with cards and presents before jumping in Felix (the car) and heading to Telford Town Park. Tori had a whale of a time until the heavens opened and we had to run for cover! After a quick lunch we went on a bear hunt to the Build-A-Bear Workshop to get Tori a birthday present of her choosing. We left with a new family member ‘Splash’ the teddy; He’s bright blue with jellyfish and fish all over him and he’s holding ‘Nemo’ (I’ll let you guess what sort of fish he is) in his paw.  After that we headed round to visit English Folkfan for *more* presents and lots of fun exploring her garden – we didn’t find any frogs but the Smalls had fun popping seed pods and seeing what they could float in the pond. Finally it was time for home and Monster Cakes then bath time and bed. Busy busy busy!


Quiet day at home involving exciting things like washing up, more Olympics and CBeebies.


Another busy day which started out with breakfast in Spoons with Caius, Liberty, The Boyfriend, the Smalls and Meggy. Then Meggy, the Smalls and I headed off to her house. After a bit of time chatting with her and Scott, I vanished off to catch a train to London ready for my next Games maker shift tomorrow, leaving them to babysit. Three hours on the train later got me to Stevenage then it was straight in the car with Chrystal and Nad to head to our friends’ house where we are staying the night. After getting ourselves all packed and ready for our early start we settled down to watch the FANTASTIC evening of Olympics Athletics – the flowers Chrystal bought as a ‘thank you for having us’ present turned out to be extra appropriate!


Today’s Games Maker shift was WET! In a thunder storm kind of way. Great fun as always but my socks were still wet when I got home at half past eight in the evening having picked up the Smalls and driven home with Meggy!

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