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Monster Mash!

Tori turned three on the 21st of July. Yes, three. Already.

I was off in London living the Olympic high life on the day so yesterday we had a second celebration together. She had birthday with Daddy on the day and birthday with Mummy and Caius this week. We had a lovely day out together, playing in the park and making a visit to the Build-A-Bear Workshop for a treat before heading back for an afternoon in English Folkfan‘s back garden in the sunshine with bubbles and flowers galore (and MORE presents for the birthday girl).

Then home for cake. MONSTER CAKE for my little Monster.

I had fun making these – I used a recipe/design from the book Caius bought me for my birthday back in June and whilst I had a few icing issues (my first batch was too runny and went grey rather than purple {made a good mud monster in the end} and I didn’t quite perfect it later) the end results were quite good. They made me smile and I think Tori was impressed (possibly more by the amount of E-numbers than my cake-making prowess).

Preparing all the eyes! (mini lollipops and peach ring sweets)
Making the fur
Green furry monster and ‘purple’ mud monster taking shape
With their faces made
Fuzzy pink monster
The whole herd!

Having individual cakes instead of one big one was a nice change and they were good fun and fairly simple to make. Very sweet though with all the extra bits!!

2 thoughts on “Monster Mash!

  1. This is really, really clever! I love them especially the googled monster eyes! I must remember this idea!!
    Thank you for linking up xx


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