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NaNoWriMo… ish

I keep meaning to do this. I said I was going to one year – I signed up on the forums etc etc and then wrote slightly less than 100 words.

This year I am using it to try to finish my WIP.

I know it’s supposed to be a new project that you start page one of on November 1st but I love the idea of this story and it is frustrating how I never seem to make myself just sit down and write it. So my NaNoWriMo may be a bit of a cheat but it will hopefully make me just as satisfied at the end as if I had started with a blank page in front of me.

Of course, before November starts I need to get all my planning and plotting done. I have had the vague plan sorted for ages but there are key details of the plot that have big holes in and need fixing before I try to write them. I know some holes fix themselves as you write but others need at least a bit of patching beforehand else you just get stuck thinking ‘how do I get X from here to there without just teleporting him at random?’ and the whole thing stalls. (This may have been my main issue recently)

So I have been utilising my shiny new whiteboard to brainstorm and finally putting Scrivener to some good use with character and creature profiles, chapter plans and location details ready for me to actually sit down and write come November the 1st.

30 days hath November. 50,000 words hath my intended wordcount.

Wish me luck with my faerie battle with Cŵn Annwn and Ceffyl Dŵr amongst other creatures (it would appear the Welsh have all the best mythical and magical beasts…)

I will keep you posted on my word count 🙂

9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo… ish

  1. I don’t think it’s cheating to continue a novel during NaNo. I mean, the rules say you can’t include any old prose… but you’re not really. Anything you write during NaNo is brand new!

  2. Yessssss I’ll be joining you! Rewriting is hurting my head at the moment so I’m taking November off to write a brand new project. WE WILL PREVAIL!x

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