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Remembering – A Flash Fiction #100WCGU

I woke with another headache. Blindly, I reached out to my bedside cabinet for the aspirin and bottled water and gulped some down.

“I wish you’d stop drilling when I’m trying to sleep. Can’t it wait ’til later?” I called through to Jasper. He was probably putting up the painting in the other bedroom – it had been sat waiting for ages and whilst Charlie was at school was the best time to do it. Charlie hated the noise of the drill.

There was no answer.

Suddenly I woke with another headache and remembered – Jasper was gone. Charlie too.

The painting was still waiting.

Written as part of the 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups

7 thoughts on “Remembering – A Flash Fiction #100WCGU

  1. I like the repetitiveness, we can see our nameless heroine often has headaches. It’s great how the story of her life is encapsulated in so few words.

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