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Listography – Top 5 Things I’d Like To Be Reincarnated As…

I haven’t joined in with Kate Takes 5‘s Listography for aaaaaaaaaaaages. In fact, I’ve generally been a bit lax on the whole reading-other-blogs front but I am trying to fix that and get back into it now.

So, this week’s list is an interesting one… what would I most like to be brought back as once this life is done….?
1. A Wolf

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will not in the slightest bit be surprised by this answer. Nor would they be surprised if I wandered into a room on all fours carrying something in my mouth at any point during a perfectly sober day. I’ve liked wolves for a while. A fair bit.

I’d like the thrill of the hunt, wind in my fur, the bond of the pack, lazy afternoons in the sunshine, a thick fur coat in the winter, the freedom to prowl, the shiver as I howl with the pack across the mountains… yeah, I could live with that.

2. A Family Photo Album

Yes, okay, so I’d probably be stuffed in a dusty box for years on end but I’d get pulled out regularly and everybody loves an old family album. There’s something magical about blowing the dust off an old album and poring over it, even when you don’t know who all the faces or places are. I think I’d like to be something that makes people get that tingle in their fingertips and puts a smile on their face.

3. A child’s teddy bear.

Okay, so I’d get dragged around by my ears, covered in biscuit and snot, dropped on my head and squished down the back of the bed with great regularity but I’d be loved unconditionally and quite possibly kept forever. And there’d be lots of cuddles. I like cuddles.

4. A Radio

Preferably one belonging to a family so I’d get to listen to lots of different things and learn interesting things.

5. A Sunflower

I know they’re fairly short-lived but I’d be bright and cheerful and get lots of close-ups of garden birds and the like. Sounds nice to me.

What about you? What would you like to be? Go link up and have a look at everyone else’s.

3 thoughts on “Listography – Top 5 Things I’d Like To Be Reincarnated As…

  1. I had forgotten how much I love looking through old albums – must pull my finger out and make sure my kids will be able to do the same…or maybe I could just come back as one instead – less work…

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