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Autumn #100WCGU

Sunshine is dribbling through the leaves as they shift in the icy breeze. Golden dandelions dance in the grass, stretching out their petals as they try to grab the faint warmth of the sun.

From inside the car it still looks like summer.

We get out.

Coats are zipped up, gloves put on, hats and scarves are tugged on tight, our cheeks already glowing.

Outside the car you can almost smell winter. It is lurking around the corner, waiting to freeze the dandelions and curl their delicate petals to blackness.

It can’t be that time of year already?

What happened to summer? Did we blink?

Written as part of the 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups

4 thoughts on “Autumn #100WCGU

  1. Yes, we blinked.
    I like the symmetry of the …it looks like summer…you can almost smell winter: nice contrast.

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