I Believe In Fairies ~ A prompt for @libertyfallsdwn

Liberty was moping at Unofficial Writer’s Club that she wanted to keep writing her There’s No Such Thing As Fairies short story series but that her source of fortnightly writing prompts had dried up so she couldn’t.

I know you are thinking ‘why can’t she just write them anyway?’ but the whole series, with the exception of the first instalment, have been led by prompts meaning Liberty doesn’t know where they are leading yet either.

As her best friend I feel it is my duty to help her, so every other Friday I shall be writing a prompt post just for Liberty. Then we all get to hear a bit more about Ava and Adam and she gets to have her writing fix. Oh, and she will have something to bring to UWC at least every other week so we don’t just end up talking crap and playing on Facebook which we have become a bit bad at doing.

On that note, Liberty, here is your first prompt (inspired by the weather outside my window):

…A break in the clouds…




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