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Tidbit Tuesday – New Dusk

‘I know what it is even before I pick it up and open it, but I do it anyway, leafing through the pictures of torture, death and crime – some ancient line drawings, some photographs. Written in looping cursive on the first page is the creed of the people who worship and aspire to such…… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – New Dusk

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My May Reads: 100 word reviews

Mini reviews of all the books I read in May (and there were quite a few!) – supposed to be 100 words a go but I sometimes got a bit carried away…

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New Dusk: Hart & Soul Book 1 ~ Book Review

Cadence lives in our world but in a time where, somehow, all the Souls in hell have broken loose and are causing havoc back on earth. Neither the living humans nor the demons of hell are particularly happy about this and Cadence is generally in charge of helping to send the troublesome Souls back where they belong (via the blade of her awesome flaming sword).

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I Believe In Fairies – A Prompt For @Libertyfallsdwn

Liberty posted her latest instalment of There’s no Such Thing As Fairies on her blog the other day, which means it is time for the first new prompt of 2013! After much thought and consideration I have discarded several ideas about the weather we have been having as direct prompts and went for one a…… Continue reading I Believe In Fairies – A Prompt For @Libertyfallsdwn

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I Believe In Fairies ~ a prompt for @libertyfallsdwn

As Carole is doing her utmost best to finish NaNoWriMo off this week (she’s currently only 3000 words from finishing and tomorrow is the last day!), I’ve said I’ll guest post a prompt for Liberty. (Liberty has finished her NaNoWriMo project already, so it seems only fair she should continue to have a prompt ;-)…… Continue reading I Believe In Fairies ~ a prompt for @libertyfallsdwn

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My Best Friend Is Georgia Mason (WARNING: some Newsflesh spoilers involved)

You know when you are watching a film, reading a book or watching something on television and a character suddenly reminds you of someone? They have the same accent, their hair is styled the same, they have similar facial features or they have the same habit of checking their reflection as they walk past parked…… Continue reading My Best Friend Is Georgia Mason (WARNING: some Newsflesh spoilers involved)