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Tidbit Tuesday – New Dusk

‘I know what it is even before I pick it up and open it, but I do it anyway, leafing through the pictures of torture, death and crime – some ancient line drawings, some photographs. Written in looping cursive on the first page is the creed of the people who worship and aspire to such… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – New Dusk

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Tidbit Tuesday – Tell No One

‘We ate at a crummy Chinese restaurant with a Chinese waiter who spoke only Spanish. Shauna, dressed impeccably in a blue suit with a neckline that plunged like Black Monday, frowned. “Moo Shu pork in a tortilla shell?” “Be adventurous,” I said. We met our first day of college. Someone in the registrar’s office had… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – Tell No One

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Tidbit Tuesday – Elizabeth is Missing

‘In front of me is a hole, a hole that I’ve been digging, in the middle of the green garden carpet. And suddenly I can’t think what I’m doing here, what it is I’m looking for. For a moment I’m too frightened to move, not knowing what I might do next. It could be anything:… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – Elizabeth is Missing