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Tidbit Tuesday – Potter’s Boy


It made a strange yet vivid picture, and one that never left Ryo’s memory from that time on. The three stout brigands, large and hairy and armed to the teeth with dangerous weapons. And the slight, simple figure of the plain man dressed in the ragged robe of a wanderer. It was incongruous. They seemed so unevenly matched. The brigands seemed so solid, so heavy, so powerful. And the Stranger looked like a shadow, like the wisp of a being that might be blown away by the next breeze.

But he looked at them directly, as if unmoved, unimpressed, by their ferocity. And quite simply he repeated the one word he had spoken before, “No.”

– Chapter One, Page 10


Potter’s Boy by Tony Mitton


An epic journey of self-discovery that will resonate with anyone searching for their place in the world.

A moving and beautiful story about a boy who finds his true path whilst learning the importance of mindfulness and living in the moment, Potter’s Boy follows the story of Ryo. After witnessing a lone warrior scare bandits away from his village, Ryo sets his heart on training to become a hero.

Setting out on a journey to find his way in the world, his encounters with the people he meets leads him to a true understanding of what it means to follow his dreams.


Sound like your kind of read? Pre-order a copy now (due for release 2nd November 2017) – Hardback £10.99/Kindle £10.44

(All prices and dates correct at time of writing.)

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