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Thank You

Things are not all wonderful and shiny and perfect at the moment.
Things never are, I know, but they are extra not right now.
But we are doing okay, we’re muddling our way through and keeping smiles on our faces as we tread water.
Lots of people are holding us up in all sorts of ways – from emotional support through to actual physical stuff – and there just aren’t enough practical ways for us to say thank you.
We can say it – THANK YOU – and hopefully we do remember to say it at the appropriate moments but even though it is meant honestly and whole-heartedly just those two words sometimes feel a bit empty and incomplete.
And I can’t ever think of anything I could do/make/buy that would say it better.
I’m a bit lost.
But thank you, to everyone who is helping Caius, Tori, Arthur and I get our lives on the right path and settled.
I mean it with every fibre of my being and I wish I had some other way of saying it, but I am so tired at the moment shouting it out to the internet so the whole world knows how much it means to me seems the best that I can do.

So thank you. You know who you are.

We love you x

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