I Believe In Fairies – A prompt for @Libertyfallsdwn

This is probably going to be the last There’s No Such Thing As Fairies prompt of 2012 what with Christmas and New Year and, you know, letting Liberty have a holiday 😉

It’s the end of the world today, apparently. Again.

With this in mind I was tempted to give some sort of apocalyptic prompt – tie it in with feeling of the day and all that. But due to a depressing lack of rivers of blood, locusts (*shudder* okay, I don’t mind them being absent), frogs, incurable boils and whatever the other plagues and things are, I’m not really in the mood. Feels more like the Friday before Christmas than the end of the world to me.

It is Tori’s first Christmas concert this afternoon with her Preschool. My parents are coming over to watch it and I am afraid I’m going to either die of embarrassment when she does something silly or die of embarrassment because I cry.

It is this that I am using for the inspiration for my prompt today:




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