So Long 2012…

This time last year I was at the end of 365 days that had felt very long and had been very, very hard, but I was hopeful.

This year? Well, we’ve had 366 days so it has genuinely been longer and there have been a fair number of tough times in it but it has been better than 2011. Miles better.

It’s been pretty darn awesome overall in fact.

Here’s a selection of things that made it good, in no particular order:


My best friend Meggy got married to the man of her dreams this year. Her hen-party and their wedding day were definite highlights!

I got brave and chopped off all my hair and dyed it blonde (then let it grow out and dyed it pink… then purple…)

My little boy turned one, learned to walk, started talking and his hair got steadily more and more red as the year went on.

My big girl turned three, started preschool, learned to use a toilet, had her first speaking lines in a Nativity and finally grew enough hair for it to need cutting.

I started fighting, and beating, my depression.

I went to V Festival with Liberty & her family and half drowned.

I moved towns and started a new page for me and the Smalls.

(SOPPY WARNING!) I fell hopelessly in love.

Caius moved in and the flat turned into a proper home.

I completed NaNoWriMo.

I was a Games Maker in the London Olympics and Paralympics.

I joined Market Drayton Writer’s Club and helped start up ‘Unofficial Writer’s Club’

My big brother got married.

My big brother(‘s wife) had a baby!

I went to a wedding in a BRIGHT red dress and didn’t feel hideously self-conscious.

Christmas was magical.

My birthday was mind-blowing.

Summer was mental in the very best of ways.

My family has extended somewhat during this year and it’s brilliant. My life, the Smalls life, is full of love of all types and that makes even the crappy times good because there’s always someone to pick you up, dust you down, kiss it better and make you laugh.

I have high hopes for 2013 and happy memories of 2012.


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