Bomb Cosmetics ‘The Chocolate Bath Box’ ~ Review

I received a very tasty looking box of chocolate products for Christmas and was very pleased that I chose to actually read the label and notice that they were not, in fact, edible but for putting in the bath. They do look good enough to eat though.

The label stated that it was Bomb Cosmetics’ The Chocolate Bath Box and I only suffered a tiny moment of disappointment that I couldn’t eat the box contents.

The traditional confectioners white box and rich brown ribbon give the whole thing an authentic air and the sweet chocolatey smell as soon as I opened the box had me drooling. The six bath bombs inside look incredibly tasty – I was almost, almost, tempted enough to nibble on one.

Put it this way, I was in the bath fairly soon after I got home after staying at my parents’ for Christmas because I was so desperate to try them out.


The first one I used was the Chocolate Bath Meltz which looked like a chocolate shortbread biscuit topped with a small swirl of cream and three coffee beans (I hadn’t decided to write this review then, so didn’t take a photo first). I plopped it into the bath as it was running and was immediately rewarded with a sweet chocolate smell wafting on the steam, with a subtle background note of coffee as the beans floated in the water for a while.

The bath bomb made the water milky and my skin felt smooth and silky the second I got in the bath – I literally just sat and stroked my own arm for a while, marvelling at the creamy feeling of it! The essential oils and things in them clearly do their job.

I will confess to scooping the coffee beans out of the water fairly soon after getting in – they kept tickling me as they bobbed around. That aside, it was a very relaxing post-Christmas bath indeed.

Next up was the Vanilla Bath Creamer (Again, no picture). This one looked more like a traditional bath bomb than a chocolate. It was a creamy coloured ball with that trademark vanilla speckling which turned out to be real vanilla seeds – it smelled DIVINE and was just as soothing and creamy as the last one.

My only complaint with this one was that the vanilla seeds, whilst a brilliant idea, get everywhere. Literally. Not only did it take me two days to get the vanilla tide-mark off my bath, it took just as long to get rid of all the vanilla seeds on me. I smelled lovely but there are certain parts of my body that dislike resident vanilla seeds, that’s all I’m saying.

Chocolate Bath Mallow
Chocolate Bath Mallow

I used this one next. It wasn’t quite as pretty as the illustrated one on the ‘menu’ label. I think it was supposed to be purple but it was more of an insipid grey colour and the white chocolate dribble on the top wasn’t as luxurious as the picture either. It was so much of a dribble that you actually had to look for it otherwise you didn’t notice it.

It smelled delicious though, more fruity than the last two rather than rich and chocolatey. The smell alone made me feel clean before I’d even put it in the bath!

I had a play with this one whilst it was fizzing away, picking it up in hands cupped full of water and watching it foam and cream. It was fascinating to watch and the bubbles were smooth and sweet scented.

This time I didn’t find myself fishing anything out of the tub or having to rinse it down at the end (there are still a few vanilla seeds floating around from the last one…) and I got out feeling fresh and relaxed with nice smooth skin and a smile on my face. Caius even said I still smelled nice from it the next morning – a definite win!

Heart Buttercup
Heart Buttercup

The next one I tried was the Heart Buttercup. This one came in a little cupcake case like a real cake, a nice touch that made me smile.

The heart on the top is real chocolate and the bath bomb bit was rich and sweet – it reminded me of marshmallow topped hot chocolate before it touched the bathwater.

Once in the water, it fizzed like the others and made the bathroom smell delicious but the chocolate heart melted into a brown gloopy goo that half-floated around the bath looking a little unsavoury. Perhaps if I had left it longer, it would have melted and dissolved or something but I couldn’t bear to leave it in and fished it out. Caius came in later and asked why there was a lump of wet rabbit droppings on the side of the bath so you can picture how attractive it looked.

Again, the bath bomb itself was delicious but the quirky extra had its downsides (I washed the last of the vanilla out of the bath from the other one almost two weeks after I used it…)

Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer
Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer

The Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer was my favourite beyond all measure of doubt, which surprised me immensely. I hate chocolate orange with a passion, as far as I’m concerned they are two delightful flavours in their own right but never, NEVER, should the two meet – I can’t even drink orange juice and eat a chocolate bar at the same time, the taste combination offends me so much. The smell of this bath bomb though was divine. Rich, creamy chocolate tones, overlaid with clean, fresh and tangy orange citrus – it was both soothing and invigorating and for the duration of the bath I entertained the idea that this combination is what other people experience in their mouths when they bite into a Chocolate Orange.

My fears over having a mini repeat of the ‘rabbit poo’ incident with the chocolate strands liberally sprinkling the bath bomb were quickly dispelled as they melted completely into the water. I came out of the bath smelling delicious and feeling pampered. I wish I had a box of just these ones to use again and again – it really was that good!

Chocolate Bath Gem
Chocolate Bath Gem

The Chocolate Bath Gem was very cute – it looked like two swirls of cream in a cake case topped off with a few chocolate sprinkles. It’s probably the one I most wanted to eat out of the whole box and Caius was quite tempted too, though I relieved him of it and put it in the bath before he had the chance to give in to the temptation (which he would have done).

The chocolate decorations on this one were so fine that they vanished so there was no scooping or fishing around to be done and I could just relax in the creamy, sweet scented water. This one felt a little more oily than the others but not in a bad way – my skin was lovely and smooth and felt very supple after I got out.


DISCLAIMER: I received one box of Bomb Cosmetics ‘The Chocolate Bath Box’ as a Christmas present off my boyfriend and chose to review it because I liked the product. I did not receive any payment or incentive to write this post.

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