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Growing Up – A Microfiction for #100WCGU

This week’s prompt for the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups was ‘…what does it taste like…’ and my brain instantly took me on a supernatural wander. I have no idea who Gretchen and Looper are or even really what they are, I just know that they start to ‘change’ when they grow up…

Growing Up

“What does it taste like, Gretchen? When you change, I mean.”

“At first it tastes of fear – metallic and sharp and burns your throat whenever you swallow. Then it changes and tastes of summer – fruity and warm and sweet like honey and soothes away all your terror.”

“And then?” Looper leaned forward, eager to learn.

“Then your body is on fire and you’re the same soul but you feel so… different. You need to hunt and so you run. You don’t think, you just do.”

“What about the blood?”

“When you’re changed, it’s silky as cream and tastes like home. You forget to be disgusted.”


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