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Lent Project 2013 – How’s It Going?

I’m doing something a bit different this year for lent.

Well, it’s day #10 and so far I’ve kept up with my plan. I’ve sent a postcard to foreign lands, given someone a Thomas the Tank Engine book, baked someone biscuits, written letters and emails and surprised someone with new slipper socks.

It’s nice, doing things for people for no reason other than I’m thinking about them. Some of the recipiants didn’t realise what I am doing for lent so it was a total surprise (spot the folk who don’t have internet/read my blog!) which was actually really nice.

For example, I sent my grandparents a parcel of fancy biscuits and jam and got a very surprised and pleased phone call to say thank you (right in the middle of trying to change a particularly delightful nappy, I might add) – this meant we got to have an unexpected chat too. It was short but sweet and I was left with a nice glow inside because I knew I’d made their day a bit brighter and showed them just how much they mean to me.

Some days it has been quite hard to think of what to do that each person would appreciate – I want each person (or, in some cases ‘people’) to feel special, even if it’s just for a minute or two because they are special to me – even if I don’t keep in close contact with them all the time.

People aren’t necessarily recieving their letters etc. on the day I have set aside for them – but I make sure I post them on that day. It depends on whether they live close enough by for me to deliver their things by hand or if their gift is available to be ordered for a specific day. A lot of it is down to Royal Mail so I don’t doubt it’ll get spread out a bit!

I’ll update again in a week or so to let you know how I’m getting on – for now I’m off to do a bit more work on tomorrow’s gift so that it’s ready to post on time!

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