Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (for #MatildaMae)


Today my Facebook and Twitter streams turned into oceans of stars. They filled with words of love, support, grief, strength, tears, friendships and hope. They filled with images of stars, pink and purple clothes, bubbles and candles.

The MatildaMae hashtag trended in the UK Twitter stream thanks to the online community pulling together as Jennie, David and family said their goodbyes to Baby Tilda.

We read the order of service even though we couldn’t attend, we listened to the songs on youTube, we murmured prayers and poems, recited lines from songs and fought back with passion when the hashtag got spammed by disrespectful people.

Later, when Tori is home from school, we will blow bubbles together in Matilda Mae’s memory, just like her siblings will be doing today too.

Rest well, Baby Tilda. Fly high and shine bright.


‘Take the little sail down, light the little light. This is the way to the garden in the night.’

from: In The Night Garden


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