Quotes of the Week

Quotes Of The Week

Sorting through the box of cars…

Mummy: What colour are these cars, Arthur?

DSCF6983Arthur: GREEN!


I’m not very well, Tori has been a star bring me tissues when I sneeze, giving me cuddles and keeping Arthur in check…

Mummy: Thank you for looking after me today, Tori.

Tori: *pats my hand* Good girl for saying thank you.

2 thoughts on “Quotes Of The Week

  1. Ha! Love it! I often get parented by my toddler as well. Putting his favourite TV show on is greeted with: “Ah! Well done Mummy!” and if I am a little too forceful in pushing him away from something messy or dangerous he is planning to do, he says: “Nooo Mummy, no pushing!” This is usually accompanied by the sign for ‘no’ as well, to make it clear that he means it.

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