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#NaPoWriMo ~ An Update

It is the 9th of April and I can sit here and say that I have so far written 9 poems.

I can also sit here and quite honestly say that a couple of them are utter rubbish.

But you know what? That’s okay. They are all first drafts and they are all unplanned and not very well thought through but they all exist. My challenge wasn’t to write 30 amazing pieces of literary art but to produce 30 poems in 30 days. Of course some are going to suck – it’s very hard to find inspiration in such quantities and some days I’m just not in a poetry mood (like today, where my ‘ottiva rima’ poem is all about me not wanting to write a poem)  BUT there are a couple I quite like and I have had a bit of fun.

I am using prompts from around the internet as well as just writing from my own inspiration and I am doing what I had hoped – discovering and experimenting with forms that I was either totally unfamiliar with or had at least never tried before.

Nine days in and I have written a pantoum, a limerick, a prose poem, an ottiva rima and a valediction alongside some free verse and a poem that only really works if you see it written down.

At the end of the month I am going to compile my poems and print them off in a booklet. Probably just for me to read and maybe a couple of members of my family if they want. I’ll even put in the rubbish poems because they’re amusingly bad.

Hopefully I will come out of April knowing a bit more about poetry and having maybe discovered what sort of poetry is my ‘thing’.

I will end on my poem from the 5th April. It falls into my category of ‘not so good’ but was quite amusing to write. The title is actually taken from Iain M. Banks’s 2012 novel The Hydrogen Sonata – it is the name of a spaceship.

A Fine Disregard For Awkward Facts

That extra wide parking bay beside the door?

Yeah, you need a badge for that.

Unless, of course, you’re pushed for time,

or have a ginger cat.

You are excused if you’re wearing a suit,

but only with matching hat.

No badge? No problem if your car is expensive;

They let you off for that.

We’ll leave the disabled bay for those in need,

and for lazy scum like you.

Carole H Holland, 05/04/2013

2 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo ~ An Update

  1. Brilliant! Love the poem. I dare you to write it on a post it and stick it on the next car to illegally park in that bay!

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