Quotes of the Week

Quotes Of The Week

Arthur walks in clutching a bowl of mini eggs…

Mummy: Ooo! Are they yours or mine?

Arthur: *Looks thoughtful* Mummy’s. *holds out bowl*

Mummy: Mine? Yummy! *reaches for bowl*

Arthur: NO! MINE! *stuffs all the eggs in his mouth at once looking mortified and runs away*


A song was playing in the car, the main refrain of which was ‘Quack, quack, quack.’ Tori has been snorting like a pig throughout…

Mummy: You do realise that song was about ducks, not pigs?

Tori: Yeah, but I can’t say quack.

Tori: Mummy! I’ve run out of toilet roll ’cause Arthur ate the rest.

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